KMTA Member Article in AMT Magazine

One of our members, William Budai, recently had a wonderful article posted in the latest issue (December 2020/January 2021) of the American Music Teacher.

The article, “The Pedagogical Works of Ross Lee Finley” covers the three outstanding collections of pedagogical pieces written by Ross Lee Finley. This article discusses his compositional style of “complimentarity” as well as the benefits of sharing these notable pieces with our students.

You may remember William Budai from his excellent presentation on the pedagogical works of Beethoven that are fit for younger students.

If you’re an MTNA member, you can log in an read the article here.

Dr. William Budai is professor of piano and associate dean of the School
of Music at Campbellsville University (Kentucky), where he teaches both
undergraduate and graduate piano and piano pedagogy classes, as well as
class piano and music literature. Previously, he taught piano at Indiana
University/Purdue University-Indianapolis (IUPUI) and served as the
executive director of the IUPUI Music Academy, a community music
school affiliated with IUPUI. He holds degrees from Central Michigan
University, Bowling Green State University, and the University of
Oklahoma, where he studied piano with Dr. Edward Gates and piano
pedagogy with Dr. Jane Magrath and Dr. Reid Alexander.