KMTA State Conference

The 2018 KMTA Conference will be in downtown Louisville at the Galt House Hotel on September 14-15.

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2018 Conference Announcement

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Greetings Fellow KMTA Members!

We are thrilled to announce events and sessions for our Fall 2018 Kentucky Music Teachers
Association Conference, held this year on September 14-15 at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville,
KY! This year’s conference brings many new and exciting changes to the annual event, including
an earlier fall date on a Friday and Saturday, a downtown Louisville setting, and a conference
artist concert given in an art gallery!

Featured sessions will span a wonderfully wide range of pedagogical, musical, and repertoire
focused topics, as well as the return of the popular Lightning Round sessions from last year’s
conference. University of Louisville Assistant Professor of Voice, Dr. Katherine
Calcamuggio Donner has been invited to serve as our Master-Class Clinician this year. An
award-winning mezzo soprano, she has elicited kudos for her “soaring, rich voice” (Miami
Herald) and her “polished musical characterizations” (Kurt Weill Newsletter). We are incredibly
excited to have Dr. Donner work with some our young vocalist during the conference!

Our Banquet and Conference Artist Concert will be a combined, culminating event held at the
KMAC Museum in Downtown Louisville, featuring food, drink, and the Ballades of Brahms and
Chopin! International touring concert pianist Sylvia Thereza is our featured conference artist – a
Brazilian born pianist describe by the likes of Maria João Pires and Earl Wild as “…exceedingly
talented” and someone with “… a rare pianist ability…”. Sylvia will present a concert of the
complete Brahms and Chopin Ballades. In addition, University of Louisville Professor of
Composition and Theory, Dr. Steve Rouse is our commission composer this year and the
composer concert will showcase his work Songs for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano.

Hotel rooms are now available at the Galt House for KMTA members on Friday, September 14th, and Saturday, September 15th.

The prices for rooms are $129 for a Deluxe Room and $159 for an Executive Suite. Please book your room sooner than later, as we have a limited number of rooms available!

I hope you join us for an insightful and engaging 2018 KMTA State Conference! I look forward to
seeing everyone in September and don’t forget to check out the full schedule of events on this page!

Zachary Lopes, DMA
Vice President, Kentucky Music Teachers Association
Assistant Professor of Music (Piano)
Western Kentucky University

Find out more about the KMTA Featured Artists for the 2018 Conference here.

Check out the complete schedule for the KMTA Conference here.

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Exhibitor Information

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Previous State Conferences

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  • Our 2016 KMTA State Conference is over, and it was a great success! Read about it here!
  • 2015 Diana Aubrey, WKU, Latitude 49, Steven Weimer
  • 2014 William Budai, Campbellsville, Stephen Beus, Larry Barnes
  • 2013 William Budai, MuSU, Frederic Chui, Kurt Sander
  • 2012 David Oyen, MoSu, Eunbyol Ko, Joseph Baber
  • 2011 David Oyen, EKU, Bernardo Scarambone, Thomas Couvillon
  • 2010 Krista Wallace-Boaz, U of L, Haochen Zhang, Richard Crosby
  • 2009 Krista Wallace-Boaz, NKU, Cincinnati Opera, Greg Danner
  • 2008 Vicki McVay, Campbellsville, Charles Rosen, Richard Burchard
  • 2007 Vicki McVay, Centre College, Orion Weiss and Bavarian Philharmonic, Teresa Tedder
  • 2006 Richard Scott, Transylvania U., showcase Recital, Joseph Barber
  • 2005 Richard Scott, MoSU, Phillip Kevern, Gregory Partian
  • 2004 Carol Dennes, MuSU, P. Karp and Eli Kalman, K. Holm-Hudson
  • 2003 Carol Dennes, UK, Irina Voro, Richard Crosby
  • 2002 Donald Speer, UofL, Stanislav Loudenitch, Michael Kallstom
  • 2001 Donald Speer, EKU, Hayward Mickens, Sonny Burnette
  • 2000 Diana Aubrey, NKU, Sergei Polusmiak, Charles W. Smith
  • 1999 Diana Aubrey, Campbellsville, Cate Arroe, Larry Bitensky
  • 1998 Denine LeBlanc, MuSU, Enid Katahn, Marc Satterwhite
  • 1997 Denine LeBlanc, BG/Warren Co. Cntr., S. Kersenbaum, J. Curnow
  • 1996 Janet Bass Smith, MoSU, Weekley and Arganbright, A.C. Moore
  • 1995 Janet Bass Smith, UK, Alan Hersh, James Moore
  • 1994 Stephen Brown, Ashland Plaza, Lee Luvisi, Frederick Speck
  • 1993 Stephen Brown, U of L, McHugh-Oliphant Duo, Steve Rouse
  • 1992 David Doran, WKU, S. Kersenbaum and E. Kersenbaum, J. Steffa
  • 1991 David Doran, EKU, Richard Crosby, Christopher White
  • 1990 Patricia Montgomery, MuSU, R. Slenczynska, M.N. McClellan
  • 1989 Patricia Montgomery, U of L, Brenda Kee, Michael Kallstrom
  • 1988 Wesley Roberts, UK, Nelita True, Larry Barnes
  • 1987 Wesley Roberts, SBTS, Anthony Thurman, David Doran
  • 1986 Ronald Boud, MoSU, Ann Schein, Nelson Keyes
  • 1985 Ronald Boud, Campbellsville, G. Lucktenberg, Paul Brink
  • 1984 Ronald Boud, EKU, Roe Van Boskirk, Kenneth Timm
  • 1983 Larry Schenck, UK, UK Orchestra with P. Montegomery, J. Flippin
  • 1982 Jean Huffman, Centre College, L. Keenan, M. Hinson, J. Chrisman, J. Carden
  • 1981 Jean Huffman, U of L, David Kaiserman, Richard Bromley
  • 1980 Marie Hargett, MuSU, A. and J. Paratore, Christopher Gallaher
  • 1979 Marie Hargett, MoSU, Larry Keenan, Theodore Diakonoff
  • 1978 Dorothy Hartsell, WKU, S. Kersenbaum, Claude Baker
  • 1977 Dorothy Hartsell, U of L, Lee Luvisi, Jerome Seig
  • 1976 Edgar Minor, UK, No record, Bennie Beach
  • 1975 Edgar Minor, UK, Enid Katahn, Dan Welcher
  • 1974 Larry Keenan, Louisville BG Cntr., No record, R. Hensel
  • 1973 Larry Keenan, EKU, No record, Nelson Keyes
  • 1972 Dorothy Spalding, SBTS, L. and I. Freundlich, Joseph Barber
  • 1971 Dorothy Spalding, Berea, Dorothy and Carl Lewis, V. Severy
  • 1970 John Winter, MuSU, No record, Paul Shahan
  • 1969 John Winter. UK, Stockholm University Chorus, J. Woodward
  • 1968 Glenn Fulbright, MoSU, Lenox Quartet, Frederick Mueller
  • 1967 Glenn Fulbright, U of L, Lee Luvisi, Phillip Landgrave
  • 1966 Glenn Fulbright, EKU, Grant Johannesen, NA
  • 1965 Glenn Fulbright, WKU, Ruth Slenczynska, Phillip Landgrave
  • 1964 Maurice Hinson, SBTS, SBTS Oratorio Chorus, NA
  • 1963 Maurice Hinson, UK, Jung Ja Kim, NA
  • 1962 John Chrisman, MoSU, William Newman, NA
  • 1961 John Chrisman, Berea, Janos Starker and Leon Pommers, NA
  • 1960 John Chrisman, MuSU, Louisville String Quartet, NA
  • 1959 John Chrisman, KY Hotel, Louisville, LO and KOA, NA
  • 1958 Jane Campbell, EKU, The Medley’s, NA
  • 1957 Jane Campbell, UK, No record, NA
  • 1956 Jane Campbell, U of L, Frances and Howard Karp, NA
  • 1955 Jane Campbell, Berea, Berea College Music Faculty, NA
  • 1954 Helen Greim, U of L, No record, NA
  • 1953 Helen Greim, UK, No record, NA
  • 1952 Helen Greim, UK, No record, NA