Performance competitions are sponsored by MTNA and KMTA and designed to challenge and encourage exceptionally talented young students in pursuit of musical achievement. These competitions provide an opportunity for students to receive professional adjudication in a competition setting with rules and repertoire requirements.

Performance Competition Information

COVID-19 Updates: March, 2021

Current plans are to have the MTNA and Bluegrass Competitions in person.

General Competition Notes

  • A student may not enter both the MTNA and KMTA Bluegrass in the same performance medium in the same year.
  • Repertoire may NOT be changed once the application is submitted.

KMTA/MTNA Competition Chair

Naomi J. Oliphant
8304 Dinah Way
Louisville, KY 40242
(502) 594-3265  cell

MTNA Competitions

MTNA Competition dates, rules, and information can be found here.

Note that rules applicable to all MTNA competitions, except those referring to division and national levels, also apply to KMTA Bluegrass Competitions.

KMTA Bluegrass Competition

KMTA Bluegrass Competition dates, rules, and information can be found here.

KMTA Bluegrass Competitions end at the state level, but they provide an opportunity for some students to compete with more accessible repertoire requirements. Students capable of meeting more demanding repertoire guidelines should be encouraged to enter the MTNA competitions since those provide the added opportunity of advancing to division and national levels.

Other Competitions

Memorial Scholarship Classical Piano Competition

If you are a piano teacher in Eastern Kentucky, don’t forget about the Memorial Scholarship Classical Piano Competition. The Memorial Scholarship Classical Piano Competition is open to piano students in Eastern Kentucky and is sponsored by the Ashland Area Music Teacher’s Association. Open to all high school graduates under the age of 26, the winner is awarded a cash prize!

David Moore Competition

In honor of David Moore, we now have a scholarship to encourage and inspire younger players. The David Moore Competition is open to students from 18 years old and younger. The competition is divided into three divisions and each division is awarded cash prizes. There is also a special prize awarded for the best performance of a piece by David Moore. More information is available here.