MTNA Competitions

Every year, the Music Teachers National Association promotes a national music competition. The State winners/representatives will advance to the Southern Division online-only video competitions with winners/representatives of other states in the region. The winners of the Southern Division competition will go on and compete at the National level.

2024 information is available here.

The 2024 MTNA and Bluegrass Competitions will be held October 12-13 at Transylvania University. Competition entry deadline is 3:00 pm Eastern Time on September 11th, 2024.

The Kentucky Music Teachers Association (KMTA) is excited to announce that beginning with the 2023 MTNA Performance and Composition Competitions, we will now be awarding $200 cash prizes to the First-Place Winners or State Representatives in each category of the MTNA Competitions.

Rules, requirements, procedures, membership fees, entry fees, and dates for the MTNA performance competitions change annually and are published on KMTA’s website. It is, therefore, the responsibility of teachers and entrants to follow the guidelines pertaining to the competitions as published online and in the April 2024 issue of the American Music Teacher magazine to ensure eligibility and avoid disqualification. Be sure to observe carefully:

  • Teacher membership dues and entrant entry fee
  • Repertoire requirements, competition music, reproduction of music, accompanists
  • Application procedure, signatures, and dates
  • Contact the KMTA/MTNA Competitions chair if you have questions.

The MTNA Competitions will be held at Transylvania University on October 12-13, 2024.

MTNA/Bluegrass Competition Chair

Naomi J. Oliphant
8304 Dinah Way
Louisville, KY 40242
(502) 594-3265 (cell)