All-State Piano Ensemble

Guidelines for student selection

The 2019 All-State event will be held at Western University, on February 1-3, 2019. Students in grades 5-12 are eligible. Students must be in method level 2 or above to participate as a 5th grader. This year promises yet another year of fun and excitement with music that will challenge and motivate students. If you have not entered students in the past, this is the year to begin. Repertoire will include a wide range of styles and levels that offer the usual exciting dimension of ensemble playing. The registration deadline is TBA and as soon as students have registered they will receive music to begin practice for their video audition. Video auditions must be submitted by TBA.

Participation in the All-State Piano Ensemble provides students with these benefits:

  • Reinforcement of rhythmic skills.
  • A Heightened skill of listening to all parts of the music.
  • A deeper understanding of interpretation and expression.
  • A rewarding experience of sound and style exploration.
  • The fun of making music with other piano students/teachers.
  • A great sense of responsibility to the group.

Enrolling students for the first time? Here’s what to expect!

It is like playing in an orchestra, a band, or a jazz combo. Each player contributes a special musical part to create a whole. Individual parts may be single lines of music, but a single-line part does not mean easier. There is the added responsibility of interacting with the other players—the balance, the pulse, the interpretation—all skills we are eager for our students to achieve in order to become fine musicians. Neither students or teachers need prior technology experience!

Here are the details

  • The keyboards will be digital keyboards equipped with multiple sounds allowing students to experience “playing in an orchestra”.
  • The ensemble music is packaged with a conductor’s score and individual parts; therefore, it is not practical for participating teachers or students to buy the music. The All-State Committee will purchase the music; a music rental fee is included in the audition fee. Students will return the music after the concert, and the scores become a part of the KMTA ensemble library. After registrations are received with the level of students indicated on the form, individual parts for each student will be mailed to the teacher to distribute.
  • Software recordings are available to be listened to and downloaded on the KMTA Google Drive. These allow students to listen to the complete orchestration and hear the interaction of different parts. It is not required that students practice with the software prior to the conference, but if the opportunity is available, take advantage of it. The individual parts may be isolated. They may be played back on:
    • Instruments or modules with a disk playback feature and general MIDI sound.
    • A computer equipped with a general MIDI sound source and a program that plays back accompaniment software. (If you or your students don’t have access to instruments that provide software playback, there may be other resources in the community. Many churches, schools, and universities have keyboards or keyboard labs that have software playback features. Check on the possibility of arranging a time for your students to practice with the software.)
    • If your local music store carries instruments that provide disk playback, check on the possibility of having your students stop by the store and practice with the software recording.
    • Check with other teachers in your community who have any of the setups listed above and “barter” some lab time for your student to practice with the software.
  • Rehearsal schedule: Students are required to attend all rehearsals and workshops at All-State. All participating students will receive an information packet that will include rehearsal and workshop schedules for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at registration.

Registration Information

THE REGISTRATION FEE ($75/student) IS TO BE PAID AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION AND IS NON-REFUNDABLE. ONLY 1 CHECK FOR ALL STUDENTS FROM THE TEACHER WILL BE ACCEPTED. Students will be divided into groups representing different levels of training. Levels will be determined from information requested on the registration form, so it is very important to fill out this portion of the form. All student registrations must be postmarked by TBA. A confirmation letter and the music for each participating student will be mailed as soon as all registrations are received and music assigned.

For returning students, teachers should indicate group level and most recent year in which the student performed. For new students, list a recent piece performed by the student including title and composer. This will allow the committee to assign each student to the most appropriate group level. (Group A is comparable to level 2 in a method book.)

Registration deadline

Because we need to assign music to students as soon as possible, the registration deadline is October TBA. The non-refundable audition fee of $75 per student includes the rental of all the required music.

Video Audition Submissions

All students must submit a video audition. Video auditions must be submitted by TBA.

Follow the instructions below to submit your video:

Instructions for uploading and submitting videos.

Registering for the All-State Piano Ensemble

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Past KMTA All-State Piano Ensembles