All-State Piano Ensemble Registration Form

All-State Piano Ensemble Registration

If you want to register your students for the 201 All-State Piano Ensemble online, you can use this form.

This year's event will take place on February 1-3, 2019, on the campus of Western Kentucky University. For more information about the All-State Piano Ensemble, please click here.

If you use this registration form, please remember that you must still pay the registration fee ($75 per student). You will be automaticaly redirected to a page where you can pay AFTER you submit this form, or you may use the Paypal link here to pay online.


On the lines below list each student's name, grade in school and years of piano study. If this is the first year for a student to participate, list one piece recently performed by the student that represents level of reading ability. If student has participated previously in the KMTA All-State Ensemble, list how many years in All-State including the present year.

If you need to add more students, please click the "Add" button and enter their information. When you are done, click "Submit" to finish registration.