State Honors Recital

The 2017 State Honors Recital will be held on Nov 4th during the KMTA State Conference at Transylvania University.

The purpose of the KMTA State Honors Recital is to showcase Kentucky students who have demonstrated superior performances at their local workshops/rallies/festivals, and is specially designed for elementary through mid-intermediate level students.

Selection for the Honors Recital

Each local association that holds an adjudicated event is invited to send the top 25% of their entries to the HR each year. (Please note that this means 25% of the entries, not participants; e.g. a duet would count as one entry.)  The HR is open to piano, voice, strings, and other instruments, including ensembles; however, the HR cannot accommodate two-piano entries due to venue limitations. The method for determining the top 25% who qualify for the HR is at the discretion of each local association.  (Some methods include a numerical scoring system,  a performance rating + theory requirement, an adjudicator “star”, etc.). Local associations also may elect to name alternates in the event that any of the top students from that local association cannot attend.

The names of the top 25%, along with any alternates, should be included in the Workshop/Rally report (see the Forms section at the bottom of this page) to be completed and sent no later than June 30th to the KMTA Honors Recital Chairperson. (Sharon Bertram, 590 Worsham Lane, Monticello, KY  42633)

The Honors Recital Event

The Honors Recital event consists of two steps:

  1. The first step is the audition in which students play two pieces for an adjudicator; a third piece is optional.  The adjudicator will give written comments and select one piece to be played in the recital.  Only the student is permitted in the audition; parents may wait outside the audition room or in a designated area.
  2. The second step is the Honors Recital in which students play the piece designated by the adjudicator at the audition. Family and friends are welcome to attend the recital.

Usually, there are 2-3 separate Honors Recitals depending upon the number of entries.  Please note the slight change in grade requirements from previous years:  Students in grades K-6 at the time of the Honors Recital will perform in the Elementary Division.  Students in grades 7-12* at the time of the Honors Recital will perform in the Jr/Sr Division.

Also, Honors Recital participants are encouraged to participate in the Theory Carnival, offered on the Honors Recital day.  Please visit the Theory Carnival page for more information. Theory Carnival coordinators are Melissa Green and Linda Bustetter.

Honors Recital Forms

Registration Forms

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Alternatively, you can print out the necessary form(s) below and pay by check:

Applications are due by September 15th, 2017

Report Forms

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