Music Teachers in Kentucky

Private music lessons – whether for piano, voice, strings, or band instruments are a great way to expose your child to music and ensure that they get one-on-one help.

Students that study privately not only progress faster on their chosen instrument(s), but the skills and discipline required for music also improves academic and athletic performance.

Finding a Music Teacher

There is one big challenge in private music studyfinding a qualified and reputable music teacher!

There are lots of people offering piano and voice lessons who have little to no formal music training and can barely perform beginner pieces!

Good teachers should be able to do the following things for students:

  • Teach correct technique (breathing, bowing, hand position, posture, etc.)
  • Demonstrate this correct technique in their own playing and demonstrating
  • Teach and demonstrate useful practice strategies. “Do it again” is not always the answer!
  • Demonstrate and explain the difference in style for different genres and composers (Classica vs. Romantic era, Opera vs. Musical Theater vs. Pop, etc.)
  • Provide appropriate repertoire for the student. It’s even better if the teacher can provide music in styles that the student prefers.

If your current music teacher is unable (or unwilling) to do these things, you should look for a different teacher!

All the music teachers listed below are KMTA members and are dedicated to delivering quality and professional music education to young musicians throughout Kentucky, in accordance with KMTA’s mission statement.

Are you a teacher in KMTA that would like to be listed on this chart? Contact the KMTA Webmaster:

Colin Dorman
3740 Chatham Road
Louisville, KY 40218
(205) 862-5557

Kentucky Music Teachers Listing

If you know what you’re looking for, you can search for a particular teacher, instrument, or location by typing it into the search box below. Or you can simply scroll through the list to see all of our listed teachers.

Teachers labeled NCTM have earned the Nationally Certified Teacher of Music credential from MTNA. Teachers labeled KCTM have earned the Kentucky Certified Teacher of Music credential.

You can filter by NCTM/KCTM teachers by typing the relevant term in the search box below.

More information about the credential, what it means, and how to earn it can be found on the MTNA Professional Certification page.

Teacher Name:Lessons on:EmailWebsitePhoneAddress/Area
Aubrey, Diana, KCTMPianoEmail(270) 358-8820112 S Walters Ave. Suite 103 Hodgenville, KY 42748
Bertram, KinlyPianoEmail(606) 307-8651Rineyville/Hardin County
Bertram, Sharon, KCTMPiano
Email(606) 348-5738590 Worsham Lane, Monticelo, KY 42633
Dehner, ChristopherPianoEmail(502) 762-5800Highlands Music Academy, Beechland Baptist Music Academy; Louisville, KY
Diamond, CarolynPianoEmail(606) 437-2398Pikeville, KY
Doran, David, Ph.D, NCTMPiano
EmailSouth East Jefferson County
Dorman, JessicaPiano
EmailWebsite(205) 567-7204Louisville
Durr, Nina Belle, NCTMPiano
EmailWebsiteGeorgetown, KY
Encore Piano StudioPianoEmailLakeside Park
Franklin, KathyPiano, ViolinEmailWebsiteFlorence
Gianforte, Matthew, DMA, NCTMPianoEmail(270) 809-6443Murray State University; Murray
Golightly, WesPiano
Email(606) 316-9785Grayson
Griffith, PatriciaPianoEmail(502) 226-0191Frankfort
Hattendorf, PatriciaPiano(513) 474-0233Cincinnatti, OH
Jones, JuliePiano
Email(859) 333-7734
Keen, CatherineVoiceEmail(859) 757-1249
Lai, ChristinaPianoEmailWebsite(954) 864-5646Bowling Green
Light, DanielPianoEmailWebsiteLouisville
Lopes, Zachary, DMAPianoEmail(270) 745-5919Western Kentucky University; Bowling Green
Mathews, Therese, NCTMPianoEmail(502) 802-2049Louisville
Mauricio, TomasPiano
(859) 278-37243001 Birch Tree Lane, Lexington, KY 40503
McDowell, Susan, NCTMPianoEmail502-779-0270Louisville
Moser, MarciaPiano, flute, voiceEmail(859) 229-7625Somerset
Park, Meeyoun, DMAPianoEmail(270) 809-6333Murray State University; Murray
Pence, NatashaPianoEmailNorthern Kentucky University; Highland Heights
Petrova, Anna, DMAPianoEmailWebsiteUniversity of Louisville, Louisville
Rogers, Barbara, DMA, NCTMPianoEmail(859) 278-25412522 Southview Drive, Lexington, KY 40503
Scarambone, Bernardo, DMAPianoEmailWebsite(601) 631-5041Eastern Kentucky University; Richmond
Singleton, GloriaPiano, Recreational Music Making for Adults, Music TheoryEmailWebsite520-404-4459Jeffersontown, KY
Smith, Miriam, NCTMPianoEmailWebsite(478) 397-3317Harrodsburg
Slater, RebeccaPiano
Strange, TerryGuitar
Electric/Upright bass
Email(270) 735-7649Elizabethtown
Thomas, CaraPiano
WebsiteCentral Kentucky
Tseng, Li-Han ElizaCelloEmailWebsite(513) 652-8678Northern Kentucky University; Highland Heights
Van Dyke, Richard, DMA, NCTMPianoEmailWebsiteNorthern Kentucky University; Highland Heights
Yamaguchi, NozomiPiano
Zent, Donald, DMA, NCTMPianoEmailWebsite(859) 858-3511 ext. 2251Asbury University; Wilmore