Tim Topham Talks Teaching Online

Kentucky music teachers, like music teachers around the country, are being pushed into teaching online whether they like it or not.

While some music teachers already have experience with online teaching, many others are trying to figure it out on-the-fly, which can be difficult for both the teacher and the students.

However, there are resources out there for teachers stepping into the world of internet teaching.

One useful resource may be this podcast episode of Tim Topham on BulletproofMusician.com.

Tim Topham is the man behind topmusic.co, a popular website and resource for piano teachers around the world. In this podcast episode, Tim covers all sorts of things that music teachers need to consider when they move to online teaching, like:

  • Recording setup and equipment
  • How learning online can make you more effective when you move back to in-person lessons
  • Two different kinds of online teaching
  • The various (and best) video call platforms to use
  • How to talk to parents about online lessons

And lots more!

Listen to the full episode (and check out the extensive show notes) here.