New Lesson Scam – Teachers Beware!

Be aware! Several KMTA members have gotten this (or a similar) scam email disguised as a request for lessons!

The scam usually starts with a form letter similar to this:

My son isn't doing well. I am looking for piano lessons and need some help with him,I'd like to find an experienced tutor to build confidence in him.he's a beginner player and would prefer lessons in a teacher's studio,He is in grade 8th,We would like 8 session in a month evening session or Afternoon session 1 hour per day, in person lesson or if possible Online, what is your area of residence,total cost of tutoring for 1 months (1 hour per day 2 times/week),your years of teaching experience..
What is your hourly rate per hour ?
What is your area of residence ?
What is your availability day and time ?
What is your background and experience in this field?
What is your policy for cancellations and make-up sessions?
Can you tell me a little bit about your teaching philosophy?
What kind of results can I expect to see..
Expecting your prompt response..
Awaiting your Response
Best Warmly

While the names and details may change, there are quite a few things that give this away as being a likely scam.

  • The awkward phrasing, capitalization and grammar.
  • Asking obvious questions like “area of residence”.
  • The lack of any sort of personal touches – name of student, their own location, etc.

While I’m not sure exactly how this particular scam would go, these scams are generally overpayment scams. The scammer sends you a (fake) check for too much money, then asks you to return the overpayment amount. A couple of weeks after you send back the “overpayment”, the bank calls and tells you that the money order check that you received from the scammer was fraudulent, and then your money is gone.

Don’t fall for it!