2018 State Honors Recital

Campbellsville University 1 University Dr., Campbellsville

The purpose of the KMTA State Honors Recital is to showcase Kentucky students who have demonstrated superior performances at their local workshops/rallies/festivals, and is specially designed for elementary through mid-intermediate level students.   Click here for more information.

2019 KMTA Conference

Farish Theater 140 E Main St, Lexington

The 2019 KMTA Conference is going to be held in downtown Lexington at the Farish Theater in the Central Lexington Public Library. This wonderful space has been recently renovated and updated venue and is fully and ideally equipped for our artistic and technological needs. We are also thrilled to announce that our guest artists will […]

David Moore Competition

Eastern Kentucky University 521 Lancaster Ave, Richmond

As an infant, David filled his life with music. David’s very heartbeat seemed to naturally search for, find and recognize with crystal clarity, the most sensitive and spiritual of all melodies. Classical spirits such as Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Debussy and Brahms, captured David’s soul. David eagerly embraced life’s melodies which I am sure, helped hone and […]