David Moore

David Moore Memorial Scholarship

David MooreJuly 12. 2001 – April 3rd 2018

As an infant, David filled his life with music. David’s very heartbeat seemed to naturally search for, find and recognize with crystal clarity, the most sensitive and spiritual of all melodies.

Classical spirits such as Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Debussy and Brahms, captured David’s soul. David eagerly embraced life’s melodies which I am sure, helped hone and strengthen his young soul with an abundance of love. Love, not just for music alone but for life itself and for all and everyone around him. David constantly, without interruption, exuded a natural, extremely infectious eternal optimism for human goodness.

David’s secret ambition was to further his own education so one day he could return to his beloved Kentucky, better equipped to provide opportunity, inspiration and David’s very own special brand of love and humility to help develop and promote other childrens’ inspirations through melody and music. To that end David had set his heart to build and develop his very own Piano / Music Academy here in Nicholasville / Lexington.

Physically, now perhaps not, but spiritually our beloved David is now working overtime.

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